New intifada in Palestine would have political power

Israeli Arab politician Hanin Zoabi has a long history of taking on racism within the Zionist state. She was very impressive during her visit to Australia in 2009.

Her latest thoughts are calling for a new Palestinian intifada to rival the Arab Spring (a mass, non-violent movement is already feared by the Zionist state);

“I hope the Palestinians launch a massive popular resistance, one that is political and strategic, like the First Intifada,” Knesset member Hanin Zoabi (Balad) said Wednesday.

In an interview with Mynet, the Balad MK stated that in her opinion, Judge Richard Goldstone was bullied into his latest actions, the rocket which hit an Israeli school bus in the south was actually Israel’s fault and Israeli Arabs should take notes from Egyptian protesters.

Comparing the First Intifada with the Al-Aqsa Intifada, Zoabi said that “the second Intifada was much more violent. The first one was better. Tahrir Square should be the Arab youths’ new model. I would like to see them mount a popular resistance against the occupation, because occupiers cannot expect to lead normal lives.”

As for the incident which saw a rocket hit an Israeli school bus, leaving one teenager critically injured, Zoabi said that “Palestinians were killed before that incident and Palestinians were killed after it. You don’t count the dead Palestinians, only the dead Israelis. It is immoral for only the occupier to be seen as the side entitled to lead a normal life.”

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