News bytes

– The Murdoch press offers a textbook case of inaccurate reporting on Latin America. Note how every issue is framed around problems for the US, rather than potential benefits for the Latin American people.

– Russia’s chief rabbi condemns the country’s gay pride march. “Sexual perversions” have no right to exist, he said. When an Islamic leader makes such statements, they are rightly condemned, but when a Jew is equally offensive, little outcry is heard.

– Israel’s army chief warns the world that Hamas cannot be trusted and negotiations are futile. If Hamas made similar comments about Israel, they would be accused of not “being serious about peace.”

– The University of Louisville’s McConnell Center has decided the 10 worst US Presidential “blunders“. The Iran/Contra affair and escalation of the Vietnam war is described as a “blunder”, not a crime.

– Our Dear Leader lashes out at “jihad” Muslims. Little Johnny wants to tell Australians that “zealous multiculturalism” is a problem. Of course, Howard would prefer an Australia with few or no Muslims, but he can’t say this in public. Instead, he damns Islam because of a tiny number of Islamists. Maybe he could next inform Australians of the dangers of Zionism, an ideology that has advocated ethnic cleansing.

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