News bytes

– Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining refigured.

– American magazine Mother Jones investigates Boeing and wonders whether its planes are unsafe.

– The pro-Zionist lobby works its magic at the Sydney Morning Herald.

– Noam Chomsky is the world’s greatest intellectual. Sounds about right.

– Scotland’s Sunday Herald issues a scorching editorial:

“If and when the so-called war on terror ever ends, our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren may well look back in disbelief and wonder how it could have been that, at the turn of the 21st century, the two nations that waged a global conflict under the banner of democracy could have so blatantly flouted that principle.

“The ‘extraordinary renditions’ programme, which breaches every law on international human rights, sees the United States target suspected terrorists anywhere in the world, kidnap them, drug them, cuff and blindfold them, bundle them on to a secret CIA jet and whisk them off to a ‘friendly’ nation such as Egypt, Uzbekistan or Morocco, where ‘friendly’ secret policemen can torture, rape and murder them.

“The UK colludes happily with this. We allow the CIA’s fleet of jets to come in and out of UK airports to refuel and get other logistical support while they ferry their captive human cargo around the world. Scotland has the proud distinction of being the most popular stop-off point for CIA flights on the gulag-and-torture-chamber-express.”

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