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– Human Rights Watch writes to Hilary Clinton and explains a few facts about the Israeli occupation and Israel’s “security” fence. Anybody who thinks Clinton will be a dynamic and bold American President should really set their sights much higher.

– Noted Israeli economist Avishai Braverman: “I believe that the state of Israel is at a crossroads today. If Israel continues on its present path, it will degenerate into a Third World country.”

– The Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hartcher wonders if the West is winning the “War on Terror.” The inanity of such a column astounds. Like most corporate journalists, he quotes US government statistics, Donald Rumsfeld and other reliable sources. No mention, of course, of the innocent civilians murdered during the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan or the hornet’s nest created by America’s clueless and damaging militarism.

– Ariel Sharon’s adviser ensures the world understands what the “peace-maker” thinks about the Israel/Palestine conflict. The occupation is not regarded as the main source of terror, according to Eyal Arad. Everybody clear about that?

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