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– John Howard claims that refugees have only themselves to blame during the 2001 children overboard scandal.

– Workers at the Sydney Opera House are already affected by the Howard government’s draconian industrial relation laws. Fourth Estate Radio reports exclusively on the fight for worker’s rights.

-…  A Kenyan blogger living in the UK demands male bloggers give female bloggers greater respect.

-…  Robert Fisk looks at the Bush administration and its inability to understand the Middle East.

– Amnesty release a report on Blair’s UK – “A Broken Promise” – and documents the human rights abuses under the current regime. The erosion of human rights in the last decade is a damning indictment on a supposed Western democracy.

– A commander of the IDF has been forced to cancel a planned trip to the UK after fears of being arrested on charges of war crimes.

– The Australian government believes in a healthy democracy. That is why, clearly, proposed changes to the media laws could halve media ownership.

– AIPAC, America’s leading Zionist lobby, will sing the Israeli national anthem at its forthcoming annual conference after an absence last year. Their keynote speaker? Dick Cheney.

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