News bytes

– The New York Times say that George W. Bush “needs to get out more“:

“Mr. Bush travelled 32 miles from the White House to the Naval Academy and spoke to yet another of the well-behaved, uniformed audiences that have screened him from the rest of America lately. If you do not happen to be a midshipman, you’d have to have been watching cable news at midmorning on a weekday to catch him.”

– After “liberation”, Iraq now has a free press. Well, not quite.

– Former president of the Victorian Liberal Party, Michael Kroger, explains how John Howard “understands” Australians. The Murdoch press publishes yet another propaganda piece by a usual suspect.

– Iraqi blogger Salam Pax is back.

– Islamophobia is breaking out across Europe. The new hatred has arrived.

– Is the US training Iraqi death squads to battle the insurgency?

– Bob Woodward may have helped bring down Richard Nixon but his critical faculties have departed during the reign of George W. Bush. All that access to the Bush cabal has gone to little Bobby’s head.

– Ariel Sharon won’t tolerate a nuclear Iran. How many countries don’t accept Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal? Israel and the US have no right to be lecturing anybody on nuclear technology or weaponry.

– ABC cleaned up last night’s Walkley Awards, journalism’s highest honour. Indonesia correspondent Tim Palmer won the Gold Walkley. It was a great night at Luna Park and the steak was well cooked. Interesting how TV journalists look so much younger on screen than in person. I’m glad ABC and SBS won so many of the major awards, giving confidence to the national broadcasters in times of ever-growing government attack.

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