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– The LA Times continues its recent series of investigative work on Iraq:

“Private security contractors have been involved in scores of shootings in Iraq, but none have been prosecuted despite findings in at least one fatal case that the men had not followed proper procedures, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Times.

“Instead, security contractors suspected of reckless behaviour are sent home, sometimes with the knowledge of U.S. officials, raising questions about accountability and stirring fierce resentment among Iraqis.”

– A series of striking and disturbing photos from Iraq.

– Anti-Jewish attacks in Australia have decreased this year. Let’s hope anti-Zionism continues its recent, small advances in the public domain.

– The US and Europe are embroiled in a controversy surrounding “rendition.” Evidence is now overwhelming that the US uses Europe as a staging ground – aided by various friendly regimes – to transfer “terror” suspects to countries where torture is utilised and encouraged.

– Associated Press report on yet more failings of the Bush administration:

“The U.S. is at great risk for more terrorist attacks because Congress and the White House have failed to enact several strong security measures, members of the former Sept. 11 commission said Sunday.”

– Thailand is cracking down on over 800,000 websites in the name of protecting the country’s youth. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is hardly a believer in human rights and true freedom of speech, so this move should cause concern.

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