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– US Christian right-winger warns leading Zionist extremist not to criticise their religious beliefs otherwise they will withdraw support for Israel. The unholy alliance between Christian Zionism and Jewish Zionists is starting to unravel. And the problem is?

– Perhaps the most vilified politician in the world, Hugo Chavez, recently won yet another free and open election in Venezuela. His ideology seriously threatens US ambitions in the region, hence the attempts to smear and overthrow him.

– Der Spiegel reports on Iraq’s deteriorating security situation.

– Not all Australian public servants are craven:

“Australia’s representative on the coalition body that governed occupied Iraq objected to US proposals to spend billions of dollars of Iraqi oil revenue on questionable projects.

“Neil Mules, Australia’s former ambassador in Iraq, protested against or questioned many projects that US officials from the Coalition Provisional Authority proposed in the weeks before it handed control of Iraq and its finances to an interim government in June last year.”

– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Australian Prime Minister John Howard some home truths this week: “Iraq has become a training ground for terrorism.”

– Reuters reports that Poland was “the heart of the CIA’s secret detention network in Europe, with bases there until recently holding a quarter of the 100 detainees estimated held in such camps worldwide.”

War pimp alert: Israel wants the US to be tougher on Iran. In other words, place US soldiers in harm’s way, while Israel calls the shots.

– Yet more evidence of US unilateralism ruining relations with the Arab world:

“Omar Al-Zubaidi, a well-known reporter for the Arabic satellite channel ‘Al-Arabiya’, ripped his visa application and other papers in two in front of the American ambassador at a press conference. He had been told to submit the application and other documents to the US Embassy in Riyadh but he tore them up, saying, ‘We do not want your visa!'”

– While Jewish settlers from Gaza start to learn about life in the real world, relatives of murdered Palestinian civilians have filed a lawsuit in the US against former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter for the deaths of 14 Palestinian civilians who were killed in a targeted hit on a senior Hamas operative in 2002. Once again, military and governments elites are starting to feel the heat for their actions.

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