News bytes

– Yet more evidence that Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is bankrupt and unable to house its many displaced citizens.

– Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer, has died. Will the country’s media landscape change in 2006 as a result of this news?

– The Jerusalem Post reports:

Some 5,700 emigrants have returned to live in Israel in 2005, according to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. This figure represents a significant jump from the 5,000 returning citizens in 2004, and eclipses the 3,052 new immigrants from North America this year.”

Many Jews clearly believe that the Jewish state is the best place to raise their families. I wonder how many of these Jews will live on occupied West Bank land.

– Josh Marshall examines John Yoo, the key lawyer involved in drafting Justice Department memos that gave George Bush almost unparalleled powers to do as he wished in the “war on terror.”

– The Bush administration increases pressure on the mainstream media to not publish articles that could threaten “national security.” Publish and be damned. For the US government – experts at spin and outright lies – to caution the press is a joke and should be treated with contempt. Sadly, we’ve already seen evidence of the cowered media in action.

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