News bytes

– The Howard government may have mistakenly locked up 60 residents with mental illnesses in the country’s detention centres by “over-zealous Immigration Department officials.”

– So much for Germany being against the Iraq war. Evidence now emerges that “German intelligence had fed America key information about military targets in Iraq before the US invasion.”

– An important, though largely ignored report, on police violence in the small Australian town of Wagga Wagga.

– An American soldier in Iraq blogs about his experiences.

– Riverbend remembers the death of an Iraqi friend in Baghdad.

– If you havn’t discovered Antony and the Johnsons, do so now. I saw them in Sydney last night. Think of an angelic-voiced girly-man singing about love and loss.

– Yet more information on the long-term FBI bugging program against Palestinian intellectual Edward Said. In light of the current scandals, it becomes even clearer that the FBI has always been spying on US citizens whom have broken no laws.

UPDATE: Remember those brave truth-telling Swift Boaters from the 2004 US election? They’re back.

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