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– If Zionists want to focus on real anti-Semites and bigots – rather than simply targeting anti-Zionists and legitimate critics of Israel – they should take a look at this recent conference between white supremacists and Jews in Virginia.

– The US envoy to Iraq warns of a wider regional conflict if the US pulls out its troops too soon. U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad paints a grim picture of life in sectarian Iraq.

– The US Attorney General defends the US record on human rights in the “war on terror” – hear the world laughing? – while Iraqi blogger Riverbend offers her own Oscar presentations. Neither Iraqis nor Americans are safe.

– The Australian Labor Party slips further into irrelevancy.

– Dick Cheney tells the AIPAC conference that Iran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. He also said the US would not support a Palestinian state “that sponsors terror and violence.” America’s commitment to Israel was “solid, enduring and unshakeable.” How many Zionists are wise enough to realise that support by the Bush administration is tantamount to placing a bulls-eye on Jerusalem?

– Yet another Syrian journalist is arrested in Damascus. A human rights lawyer says this is another phase of government intimidation of the press.

– A Central Asian ally of the US increases its repression of the foreign media.

– Who wants to be a blogger for Wal-Mart? Get in line, it seems.

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