“Noble” Zionism

New Israeli… President Shimon Peres likes to make speeches about peace. Meaningless drivel, as usual.

What does he really think? Haaretz reports:

Shimon Peres, who began his term as Israel’s ninth president Monday, said that Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s revisionist vision of Israel’s occupying both banks of the Jordan River would have been possible had it not been for the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust.Peres spoke at the annual Mount Herzl memorial service for Jabotinsky, founder of the Betar Movement and Revisionist Zionism.Peres said he found similarity between Jabotinsky and prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s positions on the issue of Greater Israel. “Jabotinsky advocated holding both banks of the Jordan. Ben-Gurion supported dividing Israel. They both agreed on the need to ensure a Jewish majority – an issue that is topical to this day,” he said.

A Jewish majority remains the key aim of the Zionist movement. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t breeding fast enough, and soon enough… Jews will… be a minority in their own country and Palestine. This, by definition, will make Israel an apartheid state (which it is now, but perhaps it takes some people a while to understand the concept.) The result?… An increasingly desperate Israeli leadership and international Zionist… movement… trying to find ways to maintain the majority, while still expanding the occupation and keeping the Palestinians under control. A wonderfully noble task, if ever there was one.

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