Now those Turks can go to hell

Jewish blogger Realistic Peace has a pithy way of getting straight to the point (see his post on the Gaza flotilla).

His latest highlights the hypocrisy of the American Zionist lobby:

Spencer Ackerman has an excellent and succinct post on the hypocrisy abounding now that the American Jewish leadership has decided Turkey is an enemy, so they have stopped lobbying against recognition of… the… Armenian genocide.

He’s nicer about it than I am.

This has long been something I’ve found truly disgusting, and an example of how when it comes to a choice between being a Jew and marching lock-step with Israel, the pro-Israel Jewish forces don’t even blink and abandon Judaism, our community and our heritage without a second thought.


And can anyone seriously doubt that such is exactly what happened?

This hypocrisy is not merely academic, now that AIPAC’s dissembling on behalf of Turkey has come to an end. It is that same trait that is on display on a daily basis in… the… denial of suffering in Gaza.

Today, Israel let snack foods and soda into Gaza. What, is there suddenly nothing to fear from Hamas’ deadly Pringles and Coke Bomb? I mean, seriously, if this is not petty cruelty beyond belief, what is? Or maybe it was that a leading Senator had to scream to force Israel to allow pasta into Gaza last year or that such things as lentils, packaged hummus and cinnamon are still items of controversy.

It isn’t only that racists like Caroline Glick… are… laughing about the suffering of innocents in Gaza. No, in a much more concrete way, it is that Israel and those here that oppose de facto the two-state solution (despite their claims to the contrary, which generally have as much substance as their former defense of Turkey’s action nearly a century ago did) are ona … campaign of denial of suffering.

There is… the… convenience of… the… term “humanitarian crisis” which generally conjures images of mass starvation and high death tolls. Since that’s not happening in Gaza, this allows Israel to deny with a certain technical validity. But, as I and many other have detailed, there’s a huge amount of suffering, and it is being accompanied by a campaign of denial.

The same kind these same people once waged on behalf of the Turks.

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