On the hustings

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and Likud’s failed leader – has compared the rise of Hamas to the success of the Nazis in 1930s Germany:

“A few days ago, a new foe arose. When Hitler rose to power, it was said that ruling would moderate him, and it was also said in regards to the Ayatollahs regime and the Taliban. There are urgent warning signs that [scream] out a lust for murder and destruction.

“The Likud will not continue transferring territory, [we] need to stop giving them money – neither ours nor the world’s – and [we] must prevent them from establishing an army any which way possible.”

Netanyahu says that international pressure will convince the Palestinian government to change direction. Perhaps the more extreme elements of the Arab world – likely to become key benefactors of Hamas – will attempt to pressure the Western world to isolate the Jewish state. Extreme rhetoric on either side is counterproductive and pointless.

Netanyahu seems to believe that Israel has the right to dictate candidates and political platforms for the Palestinian people, criticising the current Israeli government for allowing Hamas to participate and allowing Palestinians to vote in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu rants like a colonial master off the leash.

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