Only one kind of Zionism allowed

The face of “moderate” Zionist party Kadima, instituting a Knesset investigation into the role of US Israel lobbyists J Street (a conservative group that believes in a two-state solution, opposes BDS etc).

Israel is increasingly a state that refuses to accept any dissent. There’s a word for that (hint: fascism):

Here’s MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima):

“What really interests me are the mutual relations between the Jewish world and the State of Israel,” Schneller said, explaining why he brought the topic up for formal debate in the plenum.

“The code that was broken is more serious than the content.

“The fact that J Street fought against the sanctions that the United States wants to place against Iran is very, very serious in my eyes, as is the fact that they acted against the American veto,” he said.

Schneller said that “if they say that if Israel accepts our radical left-wing diplomatic positions, then we love Israel – it is a conditional love. If you don’t accept our ideas, then we will support Iran or the Palestinian Authority. I don’t want love like that. Don’t love me at all.

“I asked for the hearing not because of the content of J Street’s beliefs, but because I want to look into the commitment of Jewish love and support for Israel. If they don’t love and support Israel, then they should not present themselves as pro-Israel,” Schneller said.

“American Jewish groups, Right or Left, should understand that they should maintain full solidarity for Israel overseas – and when Tzipi Livni or Haim Oron become prime minister, I will demand the same loyalty from right-wing groups.”

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