Our detention centres can’t and won’t handle refugees

This sounds like my kind of incompetent government.

Canberra will be expanding detention centres across Australia and British firm Serco will be getting more money in the process. And yet there may be some practical problems:

NT Police Association president Vince Kelly told AAP he understood that Serco, the private security company that manages Australia’s immigration detention centres, had no real plans to handle a major disturbance other than to telephone the police.

“It would seem that there has been no contemplation of the impacts this might have on the NT police, or about the capacity of NT Police to deal with a large-scale disturbance involving 1,500 people who are held in these facilities,” he said.

“The safety of NT police officers is something that should be considered.”

Of course, who would dare suggest that Serco (or any detention provider) would deliberately allow the situation to get out of control to almost guarantee more money from the federal government to fix up the mess?

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