Payment equals censure

While China struggles to cope with vast amounts of pollution, the government wants to restrict the ability of journalists to do their jobs. Today’s Shanghai Daily reports:

China’s correspondent bureaus must register reporters with local news watchdogs amid the country’s move to tighten management of the media, Xinhua news agency reported today.Registration will include more personal information, including the reporter’s name, age, title, political status, phone number and certificate number, said Li Dongdong, vice director of the General Administration of Press and Publications. Local media will reveal the title, address and phone number of such bureaus, as well as the number of reporters it employs and the bureau chief’s name, the report said.

People now can acquire correspondent bureau information from and an updated version will be available soon, the report said.

China’s news regulator has issued reporter’s certificates and last year launched a campaign to tighten management of correspondent bureaus as some reporters seek payoffs to release positive news and some even extort money from companies in return for not reporting problems, Xinhua said.
Corruption is a major problem here in China and the government appears to be cracking down harder on those who break the law.

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