Please, sir, may I suck harder?

So the Australian government’s whoring towards Israeli crimes is deeply appreciated by war criminals. This should make us so proud:

Before she even arrived in Jerusalem for the Australia-Israel leadership forum, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard had made a lasting impression on local powers that be.

In front of an elite audience of Israeli politicians, academics and cultural figures at a dinner at the landmark King David Hotel, senior Israeli minister Isaac Herzog paid a warm tribute to Ms Gillard for her support for Israel during the Gaza conflict in January.

“You stood almost alone on the world stage in support of Israel’s right to defend itself,” enthused Mr Herzog, an act of courage he said would never be forgotten by the people of Israel.

Ms Gillard was Acting Prime Minister when Israel launched a three-week offensive against Hamas that resulted in the deaths of more than 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis.

No other country requires and indeed expects such blind, fanatical support. Thankfully, less and less Australians believe the spin.

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