“Progress” is noted

While US political junkies are either salivating or cursing Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid announcement (personally, I think she’s about as principled as a mountain goat) and the Howard government continues to dither over David Hicks, the ongoing threats against Iran pose one of the greatest challenges in the Middle East.

Iranian blogger Kamangir (now living in Canada) reveals an intriguing interview on Iranian TV with a senior Iranian political and military figure. His prediction? US conflict with Iran is a given, the only question is when. He said:

The face-off will be mainly economical, political, and security-oriented. Americans will use sanctions to make serious economical problems for Iran. That will be used to increase social unrest. Then, the opposition will start the political movement and the MKO and other terrorist groups will cause security problems. It would not be a surprise if they also use collateral military actions, such as missile attacks to our nuclear facilities.

The ripple effect of the disastrous Iraq war continues. Turkey is now making strong noises against rising Kurdish power and Jordan’s King Abdullah II says his country wants a nuclear program.

George W. Bush, visionary or war criminal. Take your pick.

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