Pull out right now

Daniel Flitton, The Age, October 7:

The Federal Government is yet to convincingly explain why it opposed an open-ended war in Iraq but is willing to back a seemingly endless commitment in Afghanistan. The two conflicts are linked, at least in heated argument. Along with many opponents of the Iraq venture, Labor argues that the invasion was a strategic distraction, soaking up military resources and allowing the situation in Afghanistan to worsen.

But even if the United States had not toppled Saddam Hussein, would Afghanistan be in a better position now?

When will the Western powers realise that we should never have invaded Afghanistan, our presence there is only making the situation worse and we should retreat immediately?

If anything may make governments think twice again before embarking on an ill-conceived mission, a solid thumping would certainly help.

We have no business being in Afghanistan and we aren’t making the lives of people there better.

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