Ignoring the puppet master

Poor Dubya just doesn’t seem to get the respect that normally comes with the office of the US presidency. In spite of his best efforts to convince the world that Iran is the remaining member of the axis of evil, no one seems to be paying much attention.

The president said Monday that Tehran is a destabilizing influence “wherever they are,” including Afghanistan where the Taliban have staged a comeback.

First, Afghan President Hamid Karzai broke from the script and challenged the Bush administrations assertion that Iran was fomenting unrest in Afghanistan.

“So far, Iran has been a helper (in the fight against terrorism).”


But George Bush does not deal in the realm of truth. And he certainly does not like his puppet presidents getting off their strings.

Then Nouri al-Maliki followed suit and also broke ranks.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki arrived in Iran on Wednesday for talks expected to focus on bilateral relations and overcoming “terrorism challenges” in his war-torn nation.

This left Bush flapping his arms trying to distract the public from recognizing the obvious, by publicly insisting that there was no daylight between Washington’s and Baghdad’s policy on Iran

Playing down signs of warming ties between Baghdad and Tehran, Bush — struggling to rally U.S. public support for the unpopular Iraq war — voiced confidence that he and Maliki see eye-to-eye on Iran as a threat.

You know you’ve failed when even your puppet governments are no longer following orders.

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