Ring wing refuses to accept reality

Never mind that CIA director General Michael Hayden and Patrick Fitzgerald have both confirmed that Valerie Plame was covert at the time of her outing, the right wing crowd cannot bring themselves to accept it.

I never cease to be amazed at the chutzpah of some folks who lack experience and knowledge, but insist they have the grasp of secrets that folks who have actually worked on the issues do not. Maguire is at the head of the class in this regard. This clown has never worked at the CIA in any capacity, he has never held a security clearance, he’s never been a prosecuting attorney, but he insists he is qualified to judge whether Valerie was undercover. His methodology? In his ignorance he identifies supposed “errors” and then proclaims his “secret” truth. He repeats the same tired phrases over and over, apparently in the belief that the quantity of repetition translates his foolishness into pure gold at some point.

And what “proof” does Mr. Tom Maguire offer for his delusions? Nothing other than heartfelt opinions and uninformed, grotesquely ignorant speculation.

The right wing Bush fan club has invested more than 2 years demonizing Plame and denying her status, that to admit they are wrong is just too traumatic for them.

Here is a morsel of their dergangement from as recently as this year: Barbara Lerner, National Review, March 19, 2007:

The charge was false, and the CIA knew it was false from the get-go. Valerie Plame was their employee; they knew she was not a classified agent because she was not covert and had not worked abroad for more than five years.

Glenn Greenwald nails what this is really about.

They had no basis at the time for making such statements. But, as they so often do, they made them anyway, because those statements helped to defend the Leader and bolster their political agenda. Most of all, they know that their readers will trust what they say even when those statements are demonstrably false.

That is the purpose they serve — to say whatever needs to be said, whether true or false, to diffuse concern among their followers that the Leader has engaged in any real wrongdoing. That is why Tim at Balloon-Juice — who last night said: “I could entertain myself for hours looking up the hair-singingly civil manner that countless conservative blogs attacked the idea that Valerie Plame was a covert agent. If one in twenty corrects their error you can color me shocked” — can rest easy. No shock is forthcoming. These falsehoods are never acknowledged, let alone retracted, because they are a critical part of the role they play

These people are quick to insist they are patriots, but their allegiance is not to their country, it is to their leader.

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