Ron Paul does it again

It’s amazing that in spite of coming in 1st or 2nd in all three debates, Ron Paul is still regarded as a non contender for the Republican nomination.

Ron Paul Ready To Drop the Next Bomb?

Though he has often highlighted the problems of running a country (and much of the planet) on counterfeit money produced by the Federal Reserve System, last Friday US Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul again restated the case for overhauling our intrinsically flawed monetary system. (Its intrinsic flaws being the only things intrinsic about it.)

Ron Paul Polls

WOW Ahead by about 4,000 votes! with more than half of the votes…And STILL, no one’s gunna talk about him…Gotta love America.

Ron Paul Leads GOP Debate Polling, Once Again

Though the seating arrangements and even the number of questions addressed to “second tier” presidential candidates were designed to “showcase” so-called major candidates, the Ron Paul (R-Tex) Internet poll surge continues.

Ron Paul has three things going for him.

1. He admits the war in Iraq was a mistake and that we need to get our kids home. On that point alone he can win an honest election.

2. The mainstream media hates him. That tells me that corporations hate Ron Paul’s guts right now.

3. Ron Paul is not an obvious Israel suck-up like the other candidates, and has accepted no money from pro-Israeli lobbyists. America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third, and Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are the only two candidates who meet that requirement.

Ron Paul leads GOP Debate Polling, once again

Ron Paul, according to some supporters of the campaign, gave the most eloquent and convincing answer of any modern, televised debate when he identified President George Bush’s pre-emptive war doctrine as the single most troubling moral issue faced by United States.

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