Running out of labels

Following the hilarious review of My Israel Question in the Australian Jewish News, the following letters appear in this week’s edition:


Antony Loewenstein’s pathetic diatribe (AJN 4/8) against the so-called “censorship” of the “Zionist lobby” smacks of the same self-destructive invectives of Mel Gibson.

The publishers who commissioned Loewenstein to write about “his Israel question” are to be equally pitied with him for their pursuit of a vendetta against their community. It is not about critical analysis or their claims of censorship, but more about their inability to accept the verdict of the majority of right-thinking people – Jews and non-Jews alike.

Wanting to join the ranks of those who wish to destroy the Jewish people is not a capital offence and no-one will cause them any harm. It is obvious that what they miss most is acceptance by their community. “Methinks thou protesteth too much.”

In the meantime they are laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of their own community – but this acceptance will certainly continue to elude them. The forces of those who wish us harm once more will make sure of that.

South Yarra, Vic


Your review (AJN 4/8) of Antony Loewenstein’s My Israel Question stops just short of attacking the author’s choice of breakfast cereal.

Jeremy Jones accuses Loewenstein of slipshod research, megalomania, evil intent, covert antisemitism, lack of insight, ultra-leftism and lots more. He says AJN readers should avoid it like the plague.

Sounds like my kind of book. Now I’ll have to buy it and read it.

Elwood, Vic

I’ve now been accused of being pro-terrorist, akin to Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism, anti-American, pro-Hizbollah, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, un-Australian, a traitor and a host of other compliments. I look forward to any future examples of such vivid imagination.

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