Self-hate or glasnost?

My latest New Matilda column is about the rise of Jewish glasnost:

The evidence is growing that many Jews — even some within Israel — are recognising that the Jewish State has no long-term future without profound shifts in its behaviour. Perhaps more importantly, however, there are a steadily increasing number of Jews who will no longer be silenced by accusations of disloyalty to the utopian Zionist ideal — an ideal that historians can prove was little more than a well-executed plan of ethnic cleansing.

Haaretz columnist Danny Rubinstein has likened Israel’s behaviour in the occupied territories to that of South Africa during apartheid. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s book, The Israel Lobby, further erodes the financial, political and moral support offered by the US towards Israel, arguing that the Jewish State should be treated like any other country, not as a special case deserving unique dispensation. Its abominable behaviour in the occupied territories should be reason alone to tie US financial support to withdrawal of illegal settlements in the West Bank.… 

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