Settlers and activists are not the same thing

I recently posted a report from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions annual camp.

The latest missive features this interesting anecdote:

What was encouraging and interesting for us all at the Apartheid Wall building site was the welcome presence of the international media. There were four different media groups; these included two television film crews, a radio journalist from Australia and France. There was also the curious presence of the Jerusalem Post free-lancer who was trying to pull together a story for Jerusalem Post online, which compares us to the Settlers, his question to Lucy was ”˜ironically, many people compare the what you are doing with the Settlers actions’ in relation to both groups building houses and condemning each others actions.

Lucy replied to the Jerusalem Post journalist that in her opinion, there was emphatically no comparison whatsoever. This, Lucy explained was because Settlers force Palestinians off their own land for which they have worked hard for, can prove legal ownership of, may have raised many generations of their family in, and have lived in for many years before the Settlers first arrived. The Settlers are often given houses very easily, for which they have subsidized taxes, a better supply of water and electricity and protection from the Israeli Army and Police.

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