Der Spiegel reports on the crisis in Darfur. It’s a tragic tale of world indifference, Sudanese viciousness and African Union bungling and buck-passing:

“The world knows exactly what’s happening in western Sudan, but hasn’t taken any serious steps to intervene and put a stop to the conflict between the Arab Islamist central government in Khartoum, together with its Janjaweed helpers, and the primarily black African population in the poverty-stricken western portion of Africa’s largest country (by land mass).”

The Sydney Morning Herald should be congratulated for sending their Middle East correspondent, Ed O’Loughlin, to Sudan in 2004. His reports were placed on the front page and gave Australians a small insight into the horrors of the country. Since then, however, much of our media has paid little more than lip service to the unfolding genocide.

For the Bush administration, Sudan can supposedly supply “key” intelligence in the “war on terror.” Good to see their priorities are clear.

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