Spinning for the US State Department

While ABC North America correspondent Mark Simkin proves his close ties to the Bush administration during a shameful story on Latin America – read the whole piece to discover the definition of a one-way moral perspective – Noam Chomsky underlines what Simkin has no desire to discover:

For the first time in its history, first time since the Spanish colonization, Latin America is moving towards a degree of independence and also a degree of integration. The history of Latin America – Latin America is very sharply split between a tiny rich elite and huge poverty, and the rich elite have been the only active ones politically. They were oriented towards the colonial power. So that’s where they ship their capital. That’s where they have their second wealthy homes, you know, send their kids to school, this whole business. Very little integration internal to Latin America. I mean, even the transportation system shows that. It’s beginning to change. They are moving towards a degree of independence and towards a degree of integration.

And the United States is terrified. Just keeping to oil alone, it means that the energy resources – I mean, the major energy producer in the hemisphere is Venezuela. The U.S. kicked the British out under Wilson, Woodrow Wilson. It’s known as Wilsonian idealism. They kicked the British out as soon as the oil age began, because they knew that Venezuela had enormous oil resources. That meant supporting a bunch of utterly brutal dictators, while Venezuela became by 1928 the leading oil exporter in the world. It’s remained very high. Venezuela is now going towards independence, and the United States is frantic. That’s why you have this hysteria about Chavez. It’s not because he’s attacking anyone or anything like. It’s hysteria because he’s not following orders. It’s kind of like Serbia, but much more serious, because this is a big energy producer.

Furthermore, it influences others. The major energy producer in South America second to Venezuela is Bolivia. Well, you know what just happened there. They’re moving towards independence, as well. And, in fact, the whole region from Venezuela down to Argentina is pretty much out of control, not totally, but pretty much.… 

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