Standing up for rights

While radical Zionists wonder why Iran hasn’t been thoroughly defeated, bombed, liberated and Westernised by lunchtime, human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic undoubtedly continue to occur. This time an Iranian woman who dared to protest against inequalities in the law between men and women:

Delaram Ali, woman’s rights defender, ”¦ was sentenced to 2 years and 10 months prison term (which must be served in full) and 10 lashes, for her participation in a peaceful protest. The sentence, issued by Judge Salavati”¦ relied on”¦ finding Delaram guilty of propaganda against the state, sentencing her to a six month prison term, participation in the June 12th protest, sentencing her to a two-year prison term, and disruption of public order sentencing her to a 4 month prison term and 10 lashes…

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