Stopping hate?

This is an intriguing insight into the mind of one of America’s foremost Zionist leaders, the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman. These reflections are from a young, Jewish American:

“The other day I was invited to participate in an hour-long discussion with Abraham Foxman from the ADL. The setting was pretty intimate – about 20 students attended – and I must say I was not impressed by the guy who leads one of the most important Jewish and “anti-Hate” organizations in the world.

“Foxman brought up the example of divestment to show that the unique negative attention Israel receives is an indication of anti-Semitism. It wouldn’t be anti-Semitic, he argued, if a group calling for divestment listed Israel among many other countries who perpetuate much worse war crimes. Such a list wouldn’t be accurate according to him (Israel – commtting war crimes?! Has ve’halila!), but since it didn’t single out Israel it wouldn’t be anti-Semitic.

“I challenged this view by bringing up the following possibility: What if Students for a Free Tibet came out with a divestment campaign against China? Would singling out China be derived from a hatred for the Chinese people?

“At this point Abe Foxman lost it, cut me off and went on and on about two thousand years of prosecution and anti-Semitism. How dare I compare a recent historical conflict to such deep-seated hatred that goes back so far?! It seems then, that his original argument collapsed: At first he tried to use the “singling out” argument to prove anti-Semitism. Then, he was forced to assume anti-Semitism in order to argue that one case of “singling out” is different than another.”

Read the whole thing. Foxman was “hysterical and childish” (sounds like most leading Zionist leaders.) He “played the Holocaust card.”

Zionist leaders can no longer ignore the problems with the Israeli state. Smearing all critics as anti-Semites may play well at the American Enterprise Institute, but less and less people simply accept the “might is right” ideology anymore.

Israel is a brutal occupier. Any questions?

(Courtesy of Gorilla in the Room)

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