Surge backfiring

The deadly attack that claimed the most US deaths since the invasion of Iraq hasn’t stopped the right wing blogosphere from spinning its wheels to convince their flock (or what remains of them) that the Surge Is Working:

I fully expect…that we’re going to see a sea change in coverage because “a majority of Iraq is under local control and relatively quiet” and all the MSM is going to realize that if they don’t get on the right side of this quickly, the deluge of broken credibility will very likely worsen and shorten their personal careers significantly.

I stretches the imagination to hear these people lecturing to their critics about broken credibility. Others are still faithfully clinging to the hope that they will get to have the last laugh, though the cowardly left wing media will under-report the victory. How’s this for wishful thinking?

By summer 2008, things will be have improved considerably in Iraq, but it will not be reported. The MSM will focus on the presidential election, and whoever is in favor of the Iraq engagement will be slammed by the MSM.

By spring 2009, the MSM will report that, yes, now everything is much better in Iraq. Whoever is president, especially if he/she is a democrat, will get the credit. Bush will still be blamed.

This guy sounds like a bad astrologer I once visited. Glenn Reynolds thinks it “Sounds plausible!”

As would be expected, they fail to mention the inconvenient developments taking place on the ground. Time asks if the surge is actually backfiring, in a report that paints an all too grim but familiar picture.

Even more significant, was yesterday’s admission that the cornerstone for the surge success, the training of Iraqi troops, is no longer the driving force of US policy

How will the US forces be able to stand down if the Iraq forces will never be able to stand up?

Don’t expect an explanation to be forthcoming from the likes of Instapundit.

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