Sydney seen as a global hub of anti-Zionist fervour (says Tel Aviv “thinker”)

The Israeli think-tank Reut Institute has spent the last months arguing that Zionists need to battle the “delegitimisers” and fight back against unfair claims of apartheid in Palestine.

Now in a new piece, we’re informed by the group that Sydney, of all places, is a global centre of Israel hatred:

…A few generic principles can be utilized by Israel and by pro-Israel groups in effectively countering local delegitimization dynamics. The first such principle involves embracing and acting according to the network-based logic that underlies the effectiveness of the delegitimization movement. First and foremost, this involves focusing on the hubs of delegitimization and undermining catalysts within such hubs. The number of hubs of delegitimization is fairly small and may include, for example, London, Madrid, Sydney, the San Francisco Bay Area, Paris, Toronto, and Brussels. While in each of these places there may be many anti-Zionists, there are actually only very few catalysts – organizations and individuals devoted to undermining Israel and whose fingerprints are ubiquitous in a wide ranger of anti-Israel initiatives. In every hub of delegitimization, there are approximately 10 to 20 catalysts – all together, in the order of 100 organizations or individuals world-wide who are the real engines of delegitimization. Numerically speaking, contending with them is an attainable task.

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