Taking over the region

The relationship between Iran and Israel has taken many turns over the last half century, especially since the 1979 Revolution, but don’t believe the vast majority of rhetoric against the Islamic Republic; it has nothing to do with terrorism or nuclear weapons:

Shlomo Brom, a senior member of the Israeli intelligence apparatus, told [Trita] Parsi mockingly: “Remember, the Iranians are always five to seven years from the bomb. Time passes, but they are always five to seven years from the bomb.” In 2009, the Iranians are, according to US intelligence estimates, still “five to seven years away from the bomb”…

The defeat of Iran had become the means to deliver a double blow to the Arab and Muslim psyche as well as to the Islamist resistance. The Arabs would become docile, and the Middle East would succumb, like so many dominoes.

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