Taking some time

I’m taking a short break in Melbourne. It’s my birthday. How old? Let’s just say I’m older than Paris Hilton and younger than Gore Vidal. I’ll be back online early next week.

Some weekend reading. John Pilger’s latest New Statesman column, “The Epic Crime That Dare Not Speak Its Name“, compares the Iraq immorality with the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi leadership.

Check out the fascinating Democracy Now interview with the former head of Abu Ghraib, Janis Karpinski. She discusses how they broke the Geneva Conventions and Israel’s (possible) involvement in the now infamous abuse.

Israel is calling for Iran to be booted from the UN after its recent outrageous comments – though Israel’s actual behaviour, rather than rhetoric, requires more than condemnation – and keep checking the Huffington Post on the latest regarding the Plame/Bush/Cheney/WMD/Iraq illegality saga.

See you Monday.

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