Who is teaching them to hate from an early age?

While on the subject of torture, in spite of Israel’s abysmal human rights record, the abduction of children is rarely mentioned.

A report issued by Defense for Children International (DCI), called “Children Behind Bars”, found that during 2006 and the first half of 2007, the vast majority of children apprehended by the Israeli forces were imprisoned.

Only 3 to 5% of the juveniles abducted were granted bail pending trial.

DCI also noted that over 99% of the children tried pleaded guilty and the tiny minority that pleaded not guilty were eventually found guilty and sentenced.

Needless to say, their captors are more than happy to introduce them to the realities of torture.

One child, Rashed Radwa, recalls being beaten whilst blindfolded. He was then forced into stress positions for ten hours in cold weather. He was then asked to sign papers in Hebrew and when he refused his interrogator smashed his head against a desk.

What better way to ensure guilty verdicts 100% of the time? And yet, we still wonder why some of these people grow up to be suicide bombers. Has to be something to do with the Quran, right?

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