Tell me it’s not true!

Murdoch’s Australian scoops the nation with this “news” item:

John Howard and his wife, Janette, walked barefoot in the sand in fading light on Broome’s Cable Beach yesterday after the Prime Minister’s VIP plane dropped the pair off on the way home from The Philippines.

Broome, in northwest Western Australia, is a long way from Mr Howard’s original family holiday destination of Hawks Nest, a more humble sea change destination on the NSW coast, and about as far away as he can get from Canberra.

But it was on the way from Cebu, where Mr Howard had been attending the East Asian Summit.

Australia’s first couple are expected to enjoy Broome’s famous beaches until Mr Howard attends the state funeral of Sir James Killen in Brisbane tomorrow.… 

What next? Howard and his wife share oyster and champagne for lunch? The Prime Minister and his loving spouse enjoy the pleasures of holiday sex in the fading, Broome light? As noted elsewhere, for many in the mainstream media, until John Howard says something has happened, it really hasn’t happened.

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