Thank you Ubisoft for backing Colombo’s war crimes

When do computer game companies enjoy being co-opted by the state (especially police states) to earn profits?

While the war in Sri Lanka is over fighting the LTTE is not, at least on a new video game to be launched this November by French gaming company Ubisoft. In the game to be titled Ghost Recon Predator, players are tasked with an elite squad on the hunt for terrorists in Sri Lanka.

The video trailer of the game shows the players in the jungles of Sri Lanka going behind the LTTE. The trailer shows messages appearing on the top of the screen saying the players are after the terrorists “who thinks nothing of hiding among innocent civilians, of using people as a shield for their illegal and immoral campaign”.

The LTTE was defeated by the Sri Lankan military last year and one of the allegations raised by the government and human rights groups was that the LTTE had used civilians as human shields during the war.

According to Ubisoft Entertainment the game will feature multiplayer options with up to three players and features include character swapping, third-person cover and tons of customizable weapons and high-tech gadgets. The game is intended to deliver classic Ghost Recon action.

“Since your enemy has the terrain advantage, more allies, and knows where to attack, you’ll rely on technology and training to overcome the terrorists,” Ubisoft said.

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