The blogging revolution, part 5432

Citizen media – or networked journalism, a much better term – has revolutionised the media environment. Numerous citizens from the world can now better engage with their environment thanks to the internet. Rising Voices is a project to help this along. The latest recipients are fascinating. Take one:

Shaghayegh Azimi and fellow veteran Iranian videobloggers will partner with the Tehran-based Young Cinema Society to identify aspiring young filmmakers and teach them the skills to both produce compelling short videos and publish them online. In her proposal Shaghayegh writes, “the two most important goals we hope to accomplish are 1) to introduce and inspire Iranian youth of underrepresented communities to engage in interaction with the global online community and especially the videoblogging community and 2) to educate and inspire tolerance of Iran through human stories.” You can see examples of Shaghayegh’s previous work on PBS’s Frontline/World website.

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