The boats will be sailing into Gaza one day soon

This is inspiring. Let the boats come, as many as possible and as often as possible, inevitably forcing Israel to abandon its futile siege on Gaza:

The [Israeli] security forces are preparing to receive the three vessels expected to reach Gazan shores soon. Israel’s policy, as declared by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is not to allow the boats access to Gaza, so that Gaza does not become “a vanguard Iranian port.”

After the controversial raid on the Marmara, forces are training in preparation for halting the flotilla boats. The Lebanese boat is expected to arrive first, following by the vessel which left Iran Monday, plus a second vessel from Iran which will arrive in the weekend.

The Lebanese boat is expected to carry dozens of journalists and European pro-Palestinian activists including members of parliament. The vessel was organized by two groups: Free Palestine, and Reporters without Borders. The vessel is reportedly carrying humanitarian aid and equipment for schools in the Gaza Strip.

The Iranian vessels are carrying contributions from the Iranian people and aid workers. The contributions are being collected by the Iranian Red Crescent.

These are the forerunners of what appears to be a wave of boats, expected to peak at the end of Ramadan when organizations such as Free Gaza and Viva Palestine hope to organize a flotilla of 10 to 15 craft. This flotilla will be called “Freedom Fleet II”. One of the central activists, Iyad el-Sarj, who lives in Norway and is known to Israel as the founder of the campaign to lift the Gaza blockade, believes that the large flotilla will lead to irreversible change in Israel’s sea blockade policy.

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