The commentator that will surprise and challenge

Israel commentator Yair Lapid has an answer to the growing global campaign against the Jewish state. Call yourself a victim, of course:

We sat in the small and well-kept backyard at the home of Israel’s ambassador in London, Ron Prosor. Light rain was falling intermittently, leaving behind it fresh English air, yet the expressions around the table remained grim. The conversation focused on the British media’s takeover by anti-Israel elements.

Prosor is a large and smiling man, with a soft base voice, but his smile was gone when he spoke of the way he is being welcomed by pro-Palestinian protestors every time he arrives for a lecture at a British university. You need to read some of the things they write about us here, he sighed. I don’t even know how to start responding to them.

Don’t respond, I said. Sue them.

One of those present, an influential London attorney, raised his head: What do you mean sue them? He said. What’s so complicated? I replied. Just like they threaten to sue IDF officers, we need to sue them. Every journalist who refers to us as “war criminals” or “child killers” needs to know that the next day his newspaper will be slapped with a million pound lawsuit on behalf of the State of Israel.

Smell the desperation. No honest reflection of Israel’s actions but a self-righteousness that borders on pathology.

What kind of mature state is so resistant to scrutiny and criticism?

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