The family of Rachel Corrie deserve justice

The legacy of peace activist Rachel Corrie – killed by Israel in 2003 – continues to weave its way through history.

This latest news shows how unwilling Israel is to account for its actions:

Under pressure from the United States, Israel is to grant visas to four activists from the International Solidarity Movement so they can testify in suit brought against the government by the family of Rachel Corrie, an activist killed by an IDF bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in March 2003.

Corrie, a U.S. citizen, was 24 when she was struck and killed by a bulldozer as she and others tried to stop Israel razing homes in Rafah by using their bodies as human shields.

The Interior Ministry informed the family’s attorney, Hussein Abu Hussein, that the British and American witnesses, including a peace activist expelled from Israel in the past, would be allowed entry into to testify in the civil suit agisnt the Defense Ministry.

The case is due to open the Haifa District Court in two weeks.

However, the Defense Ministry blocked the family’s request to allow Dr. Ahmed Abu Nakira from the Al-Najar Hospital in Rafah, who treated Corrie’s injuries and later confirmed her death, to enter Israel.

A request by Abu Hussein to question the physician via video conference was also rejected because “it is difficult to identify the witness and present him with documents”.

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