The Jewish “identity”

Sociologist Marshall Sklare describes the symbolic impact of Israeli militarism on American Jewish identity, as told to him by an accountant:

“I think in the non-Jewish community people became aware that Jews have guts and stand up and fight—that the Jew is a man, not just a merchant.”

Blogger Mondoweiss explains:

As a post-Iraq American Jew, I’m attuned to the Jewish/Israeli part in this [Middle East] madness, and so I want to go to something that blue-eyed former soldier said last night: he spoke about the pressure on Israelis from the diaspora Jewish community to maintain militant policies. A Parisian Jew tells him that Israel must never give up Gaza, as he pours another espresso. “Well I am the one who must defend and die for your cause while you are having your baguette,” the former soldier said, in a surly tone. “This is something that really gets me going. You know what, it doesn’t make me feel good.”

This is something we equally see in Australia. Militant Zionists who reside here in comfort yet demand even-more brutal attacks on Palestinian “terrorists”. Even allowing a Palestinian voice to be heard is treasonous and a sign of weakness. Thankfully, the world is starting to wake from its slumber and no longer accepts unlimited Israeli aggression (the US is a notable exception.)

Too many Jews clearly want to be simply known as tough, uncompromising and violent. History has taught them nothing. And sadly, history will judge them accordingly.

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