The job isn’t finished

The Australian Prime Minister John Howard is a fool (but that’s hardly news.) The thought that our Dear Leader is seen to represent our country on the world stage is just embarrassing (as is his suggestion that al-Qaida loves the Democratic Party. What is this? Foreign affairs in kindergarten?)

The Bush administration is ramping up the rhetoric against Iran (and providing virtually no evidence in the process.) There is, of course, as written by Newsweek, a hidden war with Iran at the moment. Perhaps our tone-deaf Prime Minister would like to explain how the glorious, liberating, values-based invasion of Iraq has helped stability in the Middle East, along with the greatest refugee crisis in 60 years. His understanding of the region is about as sophisticated as the bottom of a beer mug.

But I wouldn’t want to encourage the terrorists. The sooner the foreign troops are removed from Iraq, by whatever means possible, the better.

UPDATE: Juan Cole explains how the New York Times is once again doing the Bush administration’s bidding.

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