The kiss of death to Obama

There are suggestions floating around Washington that Robert Kagan, aka cheerleader and brother to the father of the surge, is warming up to Obama.

America must “lead the world in battling immediate evils and promoting the ultimate good.” With those words, Barack Obama put an end to the idea that the alleged overexuberant idealism and America-centric hubris of the past six years is about to give way to a new realism, a more limited and modest view of American interests, capabilities and responsibilities.

Obama’s speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs last week was pure John Kennedy, without a trace of John Mearsheimer.

Kagan was trying to be clever by referring to Obama’s courting of the Israeli lobby throughout his campaign, while pretending that such a lobby doesn’t exist. Indeed when a reality challenged neocon like Kagan endorses anyone or anything, warning lights should be flashing.

When Robert Kagan finds something to like about Obama’s foreign policy pronouncements, I worry and must start to re-evaluate.

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