The man above will not be pleased

Cockroaches can allegedly survive a nuclear holocaust, but an Orthodox man in Israel worries that God frowns upon his sullied behaviour:

The Knesset cafeteria was closed Tuesday following an incident in which a cockroach was found in a plate of rice served up to Shas secretary Tzvika Yakobson.

Yakobson discovered the cockroach Monday evening after sitting down to a meal with Shas MKs Yitzhak Cohen and Yitzhav Vaknin in the Knesset employees’ cafeteria.

Knesset management ordered the temporary closure of the building’s two meat cafeterias after the incident, but allowed the dairy cafeteria to remain open.

One Shas official called the incident a “scandal,” adding that it was difficult to understand how a cockroach could be found on a plate at a cafeteria that operates under kosher supervision.

Clearly a cockroach is more important than the Palestinians.

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