The most “moral” army in the world

“At night we put snipers in the roof, and one sniper killed a guy from about 300 metres, and I can tell you from experience at night from 300 metres, even with night vision, you can’t see if a guy has a weapon or not. So here’s someone walking down the street, and he shot him, and then he was very proud about how he saw the whole head explode.

“After a while people start stealing things. In the beginning it’s just souvenirs, it goes into stealing cigarettes and then to stealing money. We never stopped to think about it. We never talked about is it wrong or not, we just did it, and people started after a while beating people up just for fun. It’s unnecessary things.”

Aharon Blemker, former Israeli soldier, talking about his years in the West Bank, ABC AM

UPDATE: Ali Kazak, head of the general Palestinian delegation to Australia and New Zealand and ambassador of Palestine to Vanuatu and East Timor, writes in today’s Age about Israel’s true agenda after the Gaza withdrawal. It’s refreshing to finally see a Palestinian voice in a major Australian daily.

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