The mother of all smokescreens

My latest New Matilda column is published today. I’ll be appearing every three weeks in the online magazine.

The article discusses Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and how the world’s media is missing the true story behind the trauma:

“The withdrawal from Gaza is the mother of all smokescreens and masks a blatant attempt by Israel to create irreversible facts on the ground – more settlements and the security fence surrounding Jerusalem all make an independent Palestinian state virtually impossible. Former Israeli Education Minister, Shulamit Aloni, recently called Sharon a ‘megalomaniac’ who should face justice on war crimes. ‘He doesn’t mind sacrificing the lives of others, as happened in the invasion of Lebanon,’ she said. ‘Sharon and the Israeli leadership always try to make Israelis believe the lie that the Palestinians want to throw us to the sea.’ It is a lie perpetuated by pro-Israeli supporters around the world, including the Howard Government.”

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