The plight of the Kurds

Is the security of the Kurds really better now than under Saddam?

While the American military is trying to tamp down the vicious fighting between rival Arab sects in Baghdad, conflict between Arabs and Kurds is intensifying here, adding another dimension to Iraq’s civil war. Sunni Arab militants, reinforced by insurgents fleeing the new security plan in Baghdad, are trying to rid Mosul of its Kurdish population through violence and intimidation, Kurdish officials said.

And how will the US appease the demands of Turkey?

Turkey’s prime minister has said the US and Iraq should destroy bases of separatist Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq.

and …

Ankara has repeatedly expressed its disappointment with Washington for what it says is a failure to crack down on Kurdish rebels who take refuge in northern Iraq and frequently attack soldiers and government targets in Turkey.

With each month of US occupation, the toll of unintended consequences continues to rise.

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