The real agenda

The Guardian discovers yet more evidence of Israel’s hampering of the peace process:

“A confidential Foreign Office document accuses Israel of rushing to annex the Arab area of Jerusalem, using illegal Jewish settlement construction and the vast West Bank barrier, in a move to prevent it becoming a Palestinian capital.

“In an unusually frank insight into British assessments of Israeli intentions, the document says that Ariel Sharon’s government is jeopardising the prospect of a peace agreement by trying to put the future of Arab East Jerusalem beyond negotiation and risks driving Palestinians living in the city into radical groups. The document, obtained by the Guardian, was presented to an EU council of ministers meeting chaired by the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, on Monday with recommendations to counter the Israeli policy, including recognition of Palestinian political activities in East Jerusalem.”

If evidence was still needed of Ariel Sharon’s determination to prevent a true Palestinian state, today’s revelation is yet another nail in the coffin of the media elite. The Melbourne Age yesterday called Sharon’s recent political move as “boldly invoking the hope of peace.”

When will they ever learn?

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