The Ron Paul factor

Last week’s Republican debate surprised many and produced an unexpected winner by a huge margin.

Ron Paul has injected a great deal of excitement from both sides of the political spectrum, which is remarkable given how little time he was given to speak by Chris Matthews.

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who barely registers in public opinion polls of the Republican presidential field, won last Thursday night’s debate.

That was the unmistakable conclusion of the online poll posted by debate sponsor MSNBC, which registered Paul with higher positive ratings and lower negative numbers than any of the other nine candidates on the stage.

What was just as remarkable has been the lengths the mainstream media have gone to shun him. Nonetheless, the wave of support he is receiving via the Internet is forcing the MSM to take notice.

Yahoo news were shameless, excluding Paul entirely from the list of candidates. The reasons are all to obvious. Ron Paul is is the only truly conservative candidate in the traditional sense. He is the only candidate dedicated to resorting the constitution, cutting spending (i.e putting an end to corporate welfare), ending foreign intervention. He was after all, the only candidate who voted against the Iraq war.

Of all the candidates, he is the only one who has not flip-flopped on any issue he has stood for.…  Paul’s no nonsense message is resonating with the public, from where his support is now emerging.

Little wonder that big business and lobbyists are so afraid of him.

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